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Listening to your customers is the single most critical component of establishing a long-term relationship with your customers.
Now you can get the greatest return from your customer satisfaction survey investment with nTouchSM, a unique survey approach to listening, understanding and responding to your customers.
nTouch is a permission-based contact method combining a customer-friendly communication approach with fast and accurate information processing. Customer opinions, service expectations, and other feedback are gathered efficiently and delivered in near-real-time.
nTouch is designed to meet the satisfaction measurement needs of the most demanding clients…at a modest price.
CAHPS Hospital and Home Health Surveys 

Beacon Technologies is an Approved Vendor for CMS National Patient Satisfaction Survey Programs.

The CAHPS Hospital Survey, sometimes known as H-CAHPS or Hospital CAHPS, is a standardized survey of adult inpatients' hospital care and service experiences.

The CAHPS Home Health Survey, sometimes known as HH-CAHPS or Home Health CAHPS, is a standardized survey of home health agency care and service experiences.

For information on how your organization can use the Beacon nTouch family of survey solutions to participate in the National Patient Satisfaction Survey Programs call on the Beacon professionals at 877-909-1480 or send us a note - info@BeaconTouch.com.

Get the benefits of...

  • Permission-based methology
  • Confidentiality and anonymity
  • Custom-designed surveys
  • Rapid results and comment reporting
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Custom designed and actionable reports
  • Internet-ready technology
And results that deliver...
  • Near real-time customer satisfaction feedback
  • The ability to survey customers at multiple stages in the service and sales fulfillment process
  • The ability to measure customer satisfaction changes as programs and processes are modified
Call on the Beacon satisfaction survey experts to demonstrate how nTouch can help you improve service quality and exceed your customers' expectations.
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